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• Tarkari-Vegetable Curry Recipe

Bhapa Rohu (Steamed Rohu)

Deshi Zhaal Murgi (Chicken) or Beef

Fish Paturi

Prawn Malai Curry

Fish do-peaja


Fish Do-Peaja
Fish (preferably small, cut into small pieces) 1 cup
Onion leaves 2 tbsp
Sliced onions: 1/2 cup
Oil 1/3 cup, Salt 1 tsp
Chilli powder/paste (red) 1 tsp
Tomato (tomato for republicans) 2 medium
Turmeric powder/paste 1 tsp
Onion paste 2 tbsp
Ginger paste 1/8 tsp
Pepper paste 1/4 tsp
Shredded dhania leaves (cilantro) personal taste

After heating the oil add all the powder/paste spices and fry for a couple of minutes. You might add a little bit of water if you are using powders only. Make sure you do not burn the spices. (Include the onion pastes).
Add the shredded onions and the fish. Add 1/2 a cup of water and the salt. Cover the dish and put on medium-hi heat. When the water has almost evaporated, add tomatoes, cilantro, and the onion leaves. Heat under low-medium heat until the oil starts to float. And enjoy the dinner.


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